Sport and Tourism

To strenghten your body you can workout in our gym or take a ride with a bicycle outside.

Tourist destinations in the vicinity of Hotel ASara:

Дяволският мостThe Devil’s Bridge over Arda river – this is one of the most famous architectural monuments in the Rhodopi mountains.

The bridge was built in the beginning of the 16th century on the order of sultn Selim as part of the road connecting the Upper Thracian Plain with Western Thrace and Aegean Sea. The bridge was proclaimed a monument of culture on 24 February 1984.

Пещера ХладилникаThe natural landmark The Fridge is a karst cave and it receives its name from the fact that even in the hot summer months frezing cold air comes out of its recesses.

The cave is situated in the area of Lyubino village between Davidkovska and Arda rivers.

Orlovi-SkaliThe Thracian sanctuary Eagle’s Rocks is placed at about 3 km to the south of Ardino. 100 niches have been dug in the vertical steep rocks.

They were used for occult rituals during ancient rituals. It is possible that the niches were used also as tombs or urns where the Thracians placed the ashes of the dead.

AladagAldag peak is 1241 m tall and is the highest place in of the Yellow Ridge part of the Rhodopi mountains. It is situated to the south west of Ardino. The top of the mountain presents beautiful view towards the Rhodopi mountains.

Krivus The Crivus Fortress is situated to the north of Ardino at about 2 km from Bashevo village. The castle was built on a rocky peak, standing at about 100 m above the river which surrounds it from three directions. The remains of the castle are well preserved. Some parts of the wall are 5 m tall. In good condition are also a few towers and the entrance of the castle.